DSC 0027 399x600Bad breathing can be the major cause of our ailments and illnesses, because an insufficient absorption of oxygen in our body causes a negative reaction between the acid and basic in our pH.
The first step towards a healthy life is to breathe adequately so as to absorb sufficient oxygen to promote a good metabolism for the functionality of our whole body, right down to the cell membranes.
Unfortunately modern breathing is inadequate and the nostrils are often blocked by dry nasal mucosity, due to the toxicity of the polluted local atmosphere, smoke etc.
These factors impede deep breathing in the lungs and force us to breathe through the mouth; this does not allow the assimilation of sufficient oxygen to our lungs and to our blood.
For this reason it is advisable to promote deep breathing to re-establish the fluidity of nasal mucosity, the lack of which brings on allergic disturbances etc.
The breathing technique must be practised daily and at regular intervals throughout the day.
To re-establish good nasal mucosity and to free the nostrils it is advisable to make a series of inhalations of, roughly, 10 applications at close intervals several times a year.
At our Centre it is possible to effect these inhalations with homologated and tecnologically modern machinery.
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