Cooking Course


corso1A way to find Three-dimensional Vibratory Equilibrium (physical, psychological and spiritual).
This is the nutritional philosophy chosen by over 85.000 people with astounding results for their health and to prolong their life in the best physical condition.
The cooking course with energetic and curative food is advisable above all to people who want to feel well and/or to those who have health problems. In particular , those patients who do chemotherapy or radiotherapy, can eliminate the collateral effects of the substances absorbed during the cure. The course is composed of 5 lessons which take place every Friday from 17 hours to 23.00 hours.
The course programme :
to learn the curative properties of cereals, vegetables, fruit, herbs and nutritional flavours.
Indication on the type of kitchen utensils to be used to avoid toxicity in the food when it is being cooked.

corso2Learning the association of basic and acid foods at avery meal to obtain good bio-cellular nutrition.
Learning the real secret of energetic curative nutrition to enable us to prepare meals simply and quickly and to make the food which we prepare tasty, good and able to satisfy any palate, even the most refined.

The course comprises the theoretical and practical teaching part, followed by the tasting of the prepared dishes.
By nourishing ourselves over a long period with this energetic and curative food our palate, with this newly acquired sensitiveness, will refuse all food inadequate for our body's intakte and in time we will become our own doctors and we will be able to cure our cells correctly.
to sign on for the course and to obtain further information please contact our secretary.