The experience of prof.Holecz
Ferenc Holecz began his spiritual experience at the age of thirteen after a tetanus infection. During the terrible suffering of the heaking process he discovered his vibratory spiritual genesis, by looking for it beyond the relativity of the infinite universe. In his search he first met teachers who taught in Europe, and later in India and particular in Nepal he met a humble and simple guru with immense spirituality. To deepen this spiritual search, fate guided him to study and gain knowledge on the whole universe, solar activity and mankind. In this phase he found it necessary ti deepen his knowledge of the human body by studying biological medicine, psychology, dietetics and other humanistic sciences; achieving a degree on these subjects and beginning his activity in the field of biological medicine.
His research, in the field of non-conventional biological medicine, subsequently opened a vent to understand manking not only through ways to cure,but also through the spiritual secret which lives within each of us. Finally he discovered the Three-dimensional Vibratory Equilibrium in man, on the basis of knowledge acquired on the activity of man's cerebral energy and concluded that it all resounds with the intensity of cosmic vibration in the universe.

yoga    Personalised yoga and meditation
                                                                                                                                         Each one of us has his own origin and his own spiritual journey to make towards infinity.To do this prof. Holecz believes we need to follow a balanced acid-basic nourishment program at every meal and to practice the personalised breathing technique, each one according to his own DNA and so as to obtain a correct oxygenation of the body. The yoga exercises, according to the position, regenerate the single organs involved through vibratory cosmic oxygenation. During meditation and yoga, conscious awareness is separated from the subconscious thereby allowing the neurovegetative system to work on the body in an autonomous way. In the course of the personalised spiritual journey and with tha aid of the vibratory personalised mantra, the trans phase with a partial levitation is reached. To attain physical and spiritual equilibrium means to discover one's goal; this way of life brings serenity to ourselves and others.

How and where to participate

To take part in the course it is necessary to wear a white cotton tracksuit, white cotton socks and to bring a white towel of spongy material also made of cotton.
The yoga courses and spiritual meditation take place at our Centre every week.
Twice a year, in spring and in autumn, a spiritual retreat in the convent of Santa Maria di Bigorio takes place.
The retreat lasts two days, beginning on the Friday evening and ending on the Sunday afternoon. During the retreat curative