LaboratorioThe research work and the carried out in the Macrocosmo Centre in Porza, close to Lugano.
The Macrocosmo Centre has been devised by prof. Holecz to satisfy all his requirements for research and for the actual cure of the patients. The research work is carried out in his laboratory with modern apparatus, some of which have been constructed by himself. This is where the formulas for food supplements with active ingredients, are produced as well as the minerals, vitamins, phyto-therapeutic extracts, and biologically active and dynamized vegetables.
After the initial research work, these products are produced in this laboratory. The factor which makes it possible to achieve these important results is the noteworthy professional experience and the use of technological machinery, built specifically for every production need.
Practical application has confirmed that this simple, specified curing method increases the assimilation of the nutritive substances in a biologically efficient therapy.