Soup with wholemeal rice and asparagus


asparagi1Preliminary introduction to cooking any food:

To cook any food it is indispensible to use pans internally coated with ceramic or titanium and that the pan cover be made of tempered glass. This is necessary to avoid free radicals being absorbed into the food by direct contact with the internal part of metal pans, i.e. chrome-nickel, aluminium, copper or other types of metals.

Cooking procedure:
Toast the wholemeal rice for two or three minutes to eliminate most of the glutens in the cereal, so that people with celiac disease or other food allergies can eat the cereal without side effects.
This initial toasting makes it possible for people with celiac disease or who are allergic to cereals to eat any cooked wholemeal cereal.
After this preliminary toasting, add half a litre of boiling water and leave to cook slowly and with the cover on the pan. If necessary, gradually add more boiling water to maintain the initial volume of liquid in the pan.
Apart, wash some asparagus in water, to which a little sodium bicarbonate has been added, and cut the tips into small pieces. Chop the remaining part of the asparagus, after eliminating the hard part, also into small pieces and cook in a little water until soft. Once cooked pour into a mixer and reduce to a soft creamy consistency.
When the wholemeal rice is cooked, add the cooked asparagus cream and the chopped raw asparagus tips. then add a soup spoon of macrobroth per person and finish cooking the raw asparagus tips.
Once served, in each dish, and as wanted, a lightly chopped feathery fennel top or some fresh dill can be added.


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